British Classification Society


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The British Classification Society exists to encourage the co-operation and exchange of views and information among those interested in principles and practice of classification in any discipline where they are used. Its membership includes anthropologists, archaeologists, astronomers, biologists, chemists, computer scientists, forensic scientists, geologists, information specialists, librarians, psychologists, soil scientists and statisticians.


ICC 2011, International Classification Conference 2011 (formerly IFCS 2011, International Federation of Classification Societies Biennial Conference), University of St Andrews, Scotland, 11-15 July 2011. ICC 2011 web site. A great conference! ICC 2011 Programme and Abstracts Book.

Call for papers - special issue of journal Progress in Artificial Intelligence - "Interactive Classification in Evolving Environments", guest editor Dr Brian Mac Namee.

BCS Meeting, Friday 18 May 2012, 14:00-17:30, University of Essex (UoE), Colchester. Annual General Meeting, agenda.
Contact and organisation:, Dr Berthold Lausen.

Joint conference of the British Classification Society and the AG DANK (Working Group Data Analysis and Numerical Classification of the Gesellschaft für Klassifikation), 8-9 November 2013 in London. Contact and organisation:, Dr Christian Hennig.