Web services communicating in the
language of their community



NodeMap help can be seen at the following address:
Online NodeMap browser and text mining demo (implements partial features. Updated 26 July)

NodeMap, ontology constructor can be downloaded from the following link:
Windows installer
Mac OS X installer
Linux installer
Zip file
Example file
Installation note, to run the jar file use the following command in a shell:
java -jar file_name.jar

Released: 08 June, 2006
Updated: 09 August, 2006


Repository Demonstrator includes contributions of IRIT and Soluciones

Apple Mac WS-Talk Widget can be downloaded from:
Released: 24 January, 2006

Repository Demonstrator can be seen at the following address:

Search with key terms in the following address::

A stable version of the repository WAR file can be downloaded from the following address:
(if you have problem downloading - right click on the above link- download linked file).
The documentation is included in the WAR file, and can be seen under Menu - Help - Documentation.
Last release: 13 September, 2005

You can have a look at the user interface manual here
And, the database specification here

To run the demonstrator locally please have a look at db_readme.html

Java source code under AKRA's naming standard can be downloaded here

Java source code can be downloaded from here: (zip, src.tar.gz)

JBuilder project can be downloaded from here: (zip)

To build the demonstrator from the source please read the following instructions: buildRepository.html

Text Analysis

We have produced a text analyzer that processes text in English and Spanish languages.

The English version can be seen at : http://thames.cs.rhul.ac.uk:8080/wstalk_en/TextQuery

The Spanish version can be seen at : http://thames.cs.rhul.ac.uk:8080/wstalk_es/TextQuery

The text analysis carries out the following process:
- Porter stemming
- Creation of a texts-by-terms frequency of occurrence array
- Then mapping this (occurrence array) into a correspondence analysis factor space in order to handle all aspects of weighting / normalization in a principled way; and
- Finally carrying out a hierarchical clustering from the correspondence analysis factor projections

For more information in English see the following address:

For more information in Spanish see the following address:

Peer-to-Peer Service Registry

A peer-to-peer service registry prototype can be downloaded from here, please also have a look at the README file where some additional information can be found.