Add new lithologies/symbols

SedLog allows the user to import new or edit existing lithologies and symbols in SVG/SVGZ format. For details how to create SVG files for patterns and symbols please see here.

 After you created your pattern or symbol in SVG/SVGZ format you need to import it to SedLog. Go to Tools and select Lithologies/Symbols A window will open which displays the lithologies and symbols (see figure 1). Select to which group you want to add the new lithology or symbol using the Group combo box. There are two Group combo boxes, one for the lithologies and one for the symbols. After selecting the group to which you want to add the lithology or the symbol, click on the Import button (there are two Import, buttons one for lithologies and one for the symbols). A new window will open (see figure 2). Click the Add File button. An Open file dialog will open. Select the file you want to import and click OK. You can select more that one SVG/SVGZ file(s) by holding down the <SHIFT> or <CONTROL> key and clicking on the files you want to select. The file(s) you selected to import, will appear in the SVG files list box (see figure 2). You can add more or remove files from the list box. At the Type text box (see figure 2) you can change the lithology type name of the selected file in the list box. The default type name is the filename minus the extension. After you enter a new type name click the Edit button (see figure 2)  to modify the lithology type to the new one you entered. Select OK.

To rename, remove or add new groups click the Edit Groups button (the are two Edit Group buttons, one for the lithologies and one for the symbols) on the Lithologies/Symbols dialog box (see figure 1). A dialog box (see figure 3)  will appear with options for renaming, adding or removing a group.

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Figure 1. Import, edit, delete Lithologies and Symbols or edit groups

Figure 2. Add new lithologies to a group

Figure 3. Edit groups