How It Works: Aristotle's Categories, containing 14,483 individual words, was partitioned into 24 consecutive text segments, named "aristaa" through to "aristax". We selected 66 nouns, displayed as dots or labeled, that may be of substantive interest. For the labels, a subset of 8 was selected. Their hierarchical, subsumption relationships were determined, and these are represented by size and color.

Holding the mouse over a dot leads to showing of the associated term. Double clicking on a term (dot, or label) gives in the right hand panel the list of associated text segments. Double clicking on a text segment name gives the text segment in the bottom panel. To avoid occlusion, the term labels are moving, and the display area can be zoomed.

Background and further details: F. Murtagh et al., "Ontology from textual structure: theory and applications", preprint, 2006.