First Astro-Grid Workshop: Presentations

New, 2001-4-13: Streaming video of all presentations. Windows Media (.asf) format.

Programme - Monday January 29

09:00-09:05   Welcome, Danny Crookes, Head of School, Computer Science
09:05-09:10   Logistics, Fionn Murtagh


09:10-09:25   "Astro-Grid: introduction", Richard McMahon
09:25-09:30   Questions

General Assessments

09:30-09:45    "Data mining in astronomy: the relationship with DBMSs", Clive Page
09:45-10:00    "An astronomical assessment of OO DBMS Objectivity, Marc Wenger
10:00-10:15    "Lessons from Earth observation", Peter Allan (and documents on metadata, CEO)
10:15-10:30     "An astronomical assessment of CORBA", Marc Wenger

10:30-10:45    Coffee

The General Context

10:45-11:00    "The Virtual Observatory: How do we get there from here?", David Schade
11:00-11:15     "The astronomy information network: from observations to journals", Francoise Genova
11:15-11:30    "HESSI perspectives: steps towards a virtual solar observatory", Andre Csillaghy
11:30-11:45    "SDSS", Aniruddha R Thakar
11:45-12:00    "3D simulations - remote visualisation, steering and monitoring", Gabrielle Allen
12:00-12:15    "ALMA's computing requirements" - John Richer

12:15-14:00    Lunch 

Tools and Techniques

14:00-14:15    "Architectural considerations", David Giaretta
14:15-14:30    "On-demand delivery of large compressed images: computational requirements", Fionn Murtagh
14:30-14:45    "Catalogue formats for remote information retrieval", Clive Davenhall
14:45-15:00    "Visual user interfaces: balance-sheet and perspectives", Fionn Murtagh



Needs and Requirements

15:30-15:45   "Distributed signal processing and computation using Triana", Ian Taylor (HTML) 
15:45-16:00   "Searching for gravitational waves", B.S. Sathyaprakash
16:00-16:15   "Direct detection of supernova progenitors with virtual observatories", Stephen Smartt
16:15-16:30   "ING archive and Astro-Grid", Danny Lennon
16:30-16:45   "Information discovery from automated analyses of stellar spectra", Simon Jeffery
16:45-17:00   "The astro-grid and Radio Astronomy", Simon Garrington (HTML) 
17:00-17:15   "The GRID and Solar Physics in Europe", Bob Bentley
17:15-17:30   "Galaxy clusters: a use case for AstroGrid", Bob Mann
17:30-17:45   "eSTP: Solar Terrestrial Physics IT challenges", Steve Schwartz

19:30         Dinner, Maloney's Restaurant

Programme Tuesday 30 January

1. User scenarios (Steven Schwartz)
2. Data curation (David Giaretta)
3. Data centres (Francoise Genova)
4. International aspects (Clive Page)
5. Model and observed data (Peter Allan)

Report on discussions by Guy Rixon.

Workshop report by Richard McMahon.