Inaugural, RHUL, 22 Feb. 2007

"Thinking Ultrametrically:

Understanding Massive Data Sets and Navigating Information Spaces"

Fionn Murtagh

The presentation itself

Note: the following three items are alternatives. I have removed a few images and one video taken from web sites, and replaced them with the relevant web address. (The colour purple is used in such cases!)
  1. Streamed version of presentation, Quicktime, approx. 3 MB in all - but streamed and hence displaying well, even over broadband/ASDL.

  2. Quicktime video version of presentation, approx. 10 MB. Better quality than 1 but it may be best to download before playing.

  3. HTML version, using mouse click to proceed to next slide. 20 MB in total, although each slide is downloaded and displays in succession.

The vote of thanks

"Earlier Days of Computer Classification", by Gavin Ross.

Streaming video of the lecture

About 45 minutes starting some minutes into the lecture, on the topic of correspondence analysis.

Further information

  1. To read further, check out recent papers.
  2. On correspondence analysis.
  3. Clustering and other multivariate data analysis software.
  4. Wavelet and other multiresolution image and signal processing software.
  5. Fionn Murtagh's homepage.